Greater Works Christian Fellowship - 801 South Adams Street, Petersburg, Virginia 23805 - (804) 651-6155

Our story...

Greater Works Christian Fellowship opened its doors in Petersburg, Virginia on April 10, 2010. Pastor Shawn Brooks, a native of Petersburg and founder of Greater Works Christian Fellowship, answered the call to ministry at the age of 18 years old. Pastor Shawn often shares funny stories of how his life has faced more turbulence since converting. Nonetheless he has chosen to stay in the fight. Over the past 7 years, the congregation of Greater Works Christian Fellowship has grown rapidly. The programs offered through Greater Works Christian Fellowship service all ages, ethnicities and religious denominations.

Throughout life, Pastor Shawn relied on pranks, laughter and his comedic nature to break the ice, support others and to nurse his own wounds. Pastor Shawn continues to use what his teenage and college daughters describe as “cheesy jokes” behind the pulpit. It is the lightness of Pastor Shawn that draws the City to Greater Works Christian Fellowship. He has created a welcoming environment that attracts the unlikely church goer to attend Sunday after Sunday after Sunday. On any Sunday, you may see members streaming church service using Facebook Live, tweeting a dynamic quote that Pastor Shawn delivered or taking selfies with other church members. Pastor Shawn is also known for selfies and is a major photobomber! Greater Works Christian Fellowship has certainly become a “trending topic.”

Pastor Shawn’s personal experience of loss with the death of his mother and many childhood friends; experience of forgiveness as demonstrated while he carried out his father’s eulogy; the experience of trauma endured during the military wars he fought further inspired his compassion for his hometown, Petersburg. In a recent sermon, Pastor Shawn reflected on his strong desire to lead Greater Works Christian Fellowship and the faith community to become the heartbeat of the City. He returned home from San Diego, California to do just that. The Associate Pastor, Alicia Evans, the ministry leaders and the members of Greater Works Christian Fellowship work effortlessly throughout the City in an effort to support the residents, businesses, and City leaders. Greater Works Christian Fellowship is a permanent placement in the City of Petersburg.